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Ear, Nose and Throat Care

We help the most-challenged sinus disease sufferers on their journey to recovery with patient-centered, innovative, breakthrough solutions. We solve problems without adding new ones through customized, effective products.

Enabling Better Ear, Nose and Throat
Care Through Innovation

Our core technology is a bioresorbable, biocompatible medical film that can deliver therapies to specific locations.


We’ve developed a flexible, therapeutic film made of human plasma fibrinogen, a naturally occurring protein. The film can be easily placed on surface tissue or delivered to a remote tissue using non-invasive delivery tools.


The film adheres to tissue and gradually resorbs. Unlike synthetic materials such as polymers, the fibrinogen matrix of the film does not induce inflammation or act as a ‘foreign body’ that provokes a reaction.


The fibrinogen delivers therapeutic agents to a specific location in the body, thereby avoiding systemic exposure to the therapeutic agent while also eliminating patient compliance challenges.

Breathe Easier, Recover Faster.
Introducing SinuBand FP

SinuBand FP is a new, bioresorbable film placed directly on the sinus tissue post-surgery to accelerate recovery and allow for the fastest, most comfortable recuperation possible.

Delivers the most comfortable
post-operative experience

SinuBand FP fully conforms to tissue so it doesn’t interfere with normal airflow through the nose and sinuses.

Helps the patient
recover faster

SinuBand FP is a natural biomaterial that simulates the bodies response to injury and contains a corticosteroid to reduce inflammation.

Intended to reduce the need
for follow-up procedure

SinuBand FP is fully bioresorbable. The dissolvable film does not break into pieces, cause inflammation nor require follow-up procedures to remove

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